Is it Okay to Vape While You’re Wearing Orthodontic Braces?

Article | 2020-05-20 10:29:26

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Is it Okay to Vape While You’re Wearing Orthodontic Braces?

We have long understood the negative relationship between smoking and oral health, but it turns out that vaping can cause similar and damaging damage. The damage that occurs is gum tissue death, gum disease and, in some cases can be a cause of tooth loss. This makes vaping a significant risk to your oral health.

What is an electric cigarette/vape?

Electric cigarettes are used by using electronic devices to heat the vape liquid. Once hot, this liquid turns into vapor, which is then inhaled.

Vape liquid is a mixture of several ingredients, including water, glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings. Does not contain tar, but many variants that contain nicotine. If you are near someone who is vaping, you might feel the sweet scent that it produces. This happens because of the flavoring material used in vape liquid. This is one thing that makes vape so popular.

Vaping is the activity of inhaling and blowing vapor from electronic cigarettes. Vaping is intended to replace traditional cigarettes and is expected to help smokers stop smoking. But they basically still smoke. This is why vaping is considered bad for teeth, gums, and overall health as well as smoking tobacco.

Does vaping interfere with the success of your orthodontic treatment?

That is very possible. Electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco like traditional cigarettes, but contain nicotine. This is a risk for your mouth.

Some studies show evidence that nicotine reduces blood flow, causes gum tissue death and gum shrinkage. Nicotine can also cause inflammation and swelling of the gums, sensitive teeth, increased risk of cavities and in some cases, tooth loss.

In addition to the damage mentioned above, the combination of dry mouth, bacterial accumulation and tooth decay due to nicotine are factors causing gum disease.

So why pay attention to the success of orthodontic treatment?

The key factors in determining a good outcome for orthodontic treatment are dental and gum health. It is very important to have a periodontal tissue health check to ensure that you are eligible for orthodontic treatment.

Improved conditions of gum damage caused by vaping reduce the ability of teeth and gums to respond to orthodontic treatment. In other words, your teeth don't move as fast as you do vaping.

There is also a tendency for relapse of teeth to their previous post-treatment position, due to an increased risk of gum disease.

Damage due to vaping can be completely prevented. If you have considered wanting to do orthodontic treatment, that means you have to invest a lot of time and effort in creating a healthy smile. Don't mess up the business.

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