Getting to Know More About Gum Disease

Article | 2020-06-04 01:01:47

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Getting to Know More About Gum Disease

The characteristics of healthy gums are pink and clean, holding teeth tightly in place and never bleeding or swelling.

Healthy gums are important for the normal functioning of the masticatory system so that it allows us to be able to eat well and speak properly. Healthy gums are very important for our smile and allow us to express ourselves socially with confidence.

Gum disease not only threatens the things above, but also causes other health problems.

Bleeding gums is an early symptom of gum disease. Gum disease will have a serious impact on the tissue where the tooth is embedded and can cause the tooth to fall out and other health problems.

The triggers of gum disease is the accumulation of dental plaque due to oral hygiene that is not maintained properly. While other factors that can aggravate are as follows:

    1. Diabetes and prediabetes

    2. Smoking

    3. Obesity and an unhealthy diet

    4. Side effects of drugs

    5. Pregnancy hormones

    6. Stress

Overcoming bleeding gums

Here are the things that must be considered or done when finding the gums begin to bleed easily.

  1. Immediately consult a dentist. Gums that start bleeding easily, a sign that gum disease has begun to occur. Make sure that you still carry out regular checks every year.

  2. Improve oral hygiene. Pay attention to the technique of brushing your teeth. Brush gently for at least 2 minutes and 2 times a day. Discuss with the dentist to get further suggestions.

  3. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. cigarettes and other tobacco products are the main causes of gum disease.

  4. Use dental floss to perfect teeth cleaning. Mouthwash can be used according to the rules or according to your dentist's advice.

  5. Use a soft toothbrush. The quality of brushing is not determined by how strong the pressure is but rather the technique.

  6. Increase your intake of vitamin C and vitamin K and calcium.

  7. Relax. Stress increases the hormone cortisol which causes inflammation and bleeding. Avoiding stress not only makes your gums healthy, but also plays a role in improving your general health.

  8. Choose foods that are crispy and runny rather than starchy foods.

Gum disease can go unnoticed for years and is serious because:

  1. Can be chronic

  2. Can cause tooth loss

  3. The most common medical conditions experienced by adults. Eight out of 10 people aged 35 years and over suffer from gum disease.

  4. Associated with other severe diseases, namely: cerebrovascular disease, COPD, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity.

Fortunately, gum disease can be prevented and treated, so immediately take the following steps:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day.

  2. Check with the dentist regularly.

  3. Control risk factors.

Healthy gums can improve the quality of life

  1. Preventing teeth from faltering and falling.

  2. Prevent bad breath.

  3. Prevents pronunciation problems when speaking.

  4. Prevent damage to the teeth and further gums

  5. Prevent aesthetic problems.

  6. Prevent side effects on the fetus in the form of premature birth.

  7. Prevent or control systemic diseases.

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