2019 Tourism Trends: Making Bali a Health Tourism Center in Indonesia

Article | 2019-11-03 01:41:31

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Health tourism is a type of travel that aims to improve one's health and well-being. Although it is sometimes associated with medical tourism, where someone travels to see a particular doctor or complete a treatment procedure. Health tourism usually focuses on holistic methods to improve one's health. Although health tourism often correlates with medical tourism because health interests motivate tourists in finding ways to improve or maintain health and quality of life and often focus on prevention. Whereas medical tourists generally travel reactively to receive treatment or a diagnosed medical condition.

Growth in Health Tourism

According to the 2018 Global Wellness Institute report, health tourism is now growing twice as fast as ordinary tourism, making it a lucrative new market. TripAdvisor surveyed its Facebook community in June last year and found that around 25% of followers were interested in taking a health trip in the next 12 months.

The GWI report divides health tourists into two categories: primary health tourists are those who are "motivated by health to travel or choose their destination based on their health offer", while secondary health tourists "seek to maintain health or engage in healthy activities during all types of travel ". Secondary health travelers constitute the largest share of health tourism spending, reaching around 86% according to the GWI report.

Besides the fact that health tourism is growing at such a rapid rate, it is also described by the Global Wellness Institute as "high yield tourism", which means that travelers who take part in health tourism spend on average far more than ordinary tourists. This number is not unimportant, either: according to the report, international health tourists spend around 53% more and domestic health tourists spend 178% more than the average tourist.

The point is that if you have the opportunity to incorporate health into your business, then you have to do it. Not only is this growing market displaying high expenditure volumes, but with two types of health tourists, it's even easier for you to be part of the trend. You don't need to completely revamp your business to make use of it; just add some health deals that tourists are looking for!

Bali with its Health Tourism Potential

Bali's local wisdom is so rich and diverse that Bali is a popular tourist destination for foreign and domestic tourists. It can provide several holistic health service products, body fitness and also an aesthetic appearance from yoga, spa to modern dental health care. The popularity of yoga and spas in Bali with its superiority can provide a special attraction for tourists to always return to visit the island of the gods.

In terms of appearance or aesthetic health apart from spa services, you will also find leading dental health services with complete, modern service products and professional dentists. Bali Implant Aesthetic (BIA) Dental Center is present in the Sunset Road area of ​​Kuta Bali, with a strategic location adjacent to attractive tourist sites in the Kuta area of ​​Bali.

Many foreign tourists have come to Bali and entrusted the BIA Dental Center as a place for their dental health care due to their trust and satisfaction with the quality and professionalism of the BIA Dental Center dentist team.

With a strategic location, a clean, airy and comfortable place that is also supported by sophisticated and modern equipment, we always give a sense of comfort and always get the trust of foreign tourists to come back to entrust their dental health care to the BIA Dental Center.

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