How to Use Dental Floss

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How to Use Dental Floss

Many people do not know that almost half of the total surface of a tooth is covered by the tooth next to it. The fact is, if you only rely on a toothbrush, most of the tooth surface escapes from cleaning. So, flossing is the most important part of the routine that you have to do in caring for oral health. Not just additional maintenance.

By using a floss to remove plaque from between your teeth, you can prevent gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis (also known as bad breath). This is a great benefit gained only with activities that require a few minutes.

Make it your routine

Do not flossing in a rush. If you are too tired to flossing at night, do flossing in the morning or after lunch. Or if you are used to sleeping with a clean mouth, flossing before brushing your teeth before going to sleep. If you have children, they should be able to do flossing as early as possible since they have two adjacent teeth. You have to help them until they are eight years old because they don't have the agility to flossing properly.

How to do flossing?

The most important thing is to make this flossing activity your routine dental health care and work to get it done right. Your dentist will give instructions regarding proper flossing techniques. The basic techniques are as follows:

  1. Take about 45 cm of floss thread and wrap it around the middle finger and hold it tight with your thumb and index finger.

  1. Keep your thumb and index finger closed tightly, then aim the thread gently between the teeth. Be careful not to hurt the gums with your movements that are too hard.

  1. Gently move up and down in one tooth, slightly below the neck of the tooth covered with gums and back up again for the other side.

What if I wear a bracket?

If you are wearing a bracket or orthodontic device, or a bridge or implant, it is strongly recommended to flossing properly and regularly. You may need a thicker floss or use an interdental brush to reach hard-to-reach areas around the bracket or bridge.

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