Sensitive Teeth, Causes and Treatments

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Sensitive Teeth, Causes and Treatments

Sensitive teeth or dentin hypersensitivity are intermittent chronic sensations that are common during eating and drinking, as well as due to touch. Sensitive teeth are described as pain that lasts briefly and sharply arising from dentin exposed to stimuli such as heat, cold, steam, touch, or chemical. This is most often caused by damage to enamel that extends to dentin. If dentin is open, excessive stimulation can cause sensitive tooth reactions. Sensitive teeth mostly affect individuals at the end of the third decade of life and cause discomfort in sufferers. In most cases, sensitive teeth can spur emotional and behavioral changes.

According to research, as many as 45% of people in Indonesia feel pain due to sensitive teeth when consuming cold, hot, or acidic foods or drinks and 52% of Indonesians do not realize that they have sensitive teeth without seeing a dentist. Patients with sensitive teeth who have realized their condition may not necessarily be treated properly or checked by a dentist. Only 19% of Indonesians who experience sensitive teeth take the initiative to see a dentist and only 2.4% attempt to cope with it using special toothpaste.


The occurrence of sensitive teeth can be caused by the following stimuli:

  1. Cold stimulation

  2. Heat stimulation

  3. Chemical stimulation

  4. Tactile or tactile stimulation

  5. Air stimulation


Dentin hypersensitivity treatments performed at the dentist's clinic include topical application of desensitization materials such as fluoride, potassium nitrate, calcium phosphates, and oxalate, root surface fillings that cause sensitivity and provide recommendations for using night guards or retainers if the patient has bad habits such as bruxism.

If the cause of sensitive teeth comes from damage to the damaged tooth structure, the dentist will perform restoration or restoration of the tooth structure by filling, veneering or crowning. Or in conditions involving pulp tissue inflammation, it will be preceded by root canal treatment.

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