Main Considerations in Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Main Considerations in Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are many reasons found by patients to get this teeth whitening treatment, including: to get a beautiful smile again because of the habit of drinking coffee, tea, smoking, and so on. Or for the purposes of important talks where dental aesthetics are needed.

Given this, it turns out that this treatment cannot be indicated for everyone. The dentist will first check, and determine whether this procedure can be performed on the patient's teeth based on indications and contra indications that are adjusted to the condition of the patient's teeth. Indications and contraindications for teeth whitening treatment are for patients with discoloration caused by the aging process, consumption of food, drinks, drugs such as tetracycline, and fluorosis. Whereas the contra indications are patients who are allergic to the components of teeth whitening material or scoop material, patients with highly sensitive teeth, patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, pregnant patients. Patients who are overly hoping for teeth whitening results are also not recommended to do this, because it is likely that the results will be psychologically disappointing.

Tooth color changes are basically divided into 2, namely:

  1. Extrinsic color changes

Discoloration caused due to substances from outside the body. Example: nicotine (smoking habit), coffee, tea, food, and so on.

  1. Intrinsic color changes

Discoloration originating from inside the teeth tooth structure. These changes can be due to age, fluorosis, and tooth necrosis. It could also be due to the use of antibiotics such as tetracycline consumed at the time of email formation.

In addition, the basis for determining the treatment of teeth whitening is also based on the right diagnosis, especially for cases of discoloration of the teeth must also be known. Thus the treatment procedures will be chosen more precisely and the success of the treatment will also be predictable.

This teeth whitening procedure cannot handle all cases. Not all discoloration of teeth can be corrected by teeth whitening procedures. Teeth with severe tetracycline stain may have a brighter color but the characteristic lines seen on the tooth surface that change color due to antibiotics will not be removed. Severe fluorosis cannot be corrected by teeth whitening. In this case the dentist must explain to the patient not to be disappointed with the results of the treatment and provide alternative treatments such as making artificial crowns or with other restorations such as labial veneers.

The first procedure in conducting this treatment is the dentist begins with an examination of general health history and dental health. Intra oral examination of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and extra oral examinations such as the head and neck also need to be done especially in patients with dental problems such as those with kidney problems, bad breath or other symptoms of cancer or infection. This also needs to be considered and examined more thoroughly. Then the causes of tooth discoloration, must also be examined carefully, because not all tooth discoloration can be indicated for this treatment. No exception with patients who have a history of allergies (related to the ingredients used in teeth whitening treatment). The dentist must perform a complete and accurate examination so that this treatment is an indication so that the results can be maximized.

For the content of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, also need attention. Basically this teeth whitening treatment can be done, namely in the office (at the dental clinic) and at home (at home).

The success of this procedure is also influenced by bad habits from the patient. This treatment can last for 1 - 5 years, if the patient can also reduce the consumption of food and drinks, drugs that can cause discoloration of the teeth. Because if it remains in the habit then the teeth will change color again, and the patient will do the procedure again. So as to avoid patients with this habit, the dentist must explain in advance what is done after the treatment of teeth whitening so that the patient does not underestimate this treatment even though the patient is in a sufficient economic condition.

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