Stop the habit of grinding teeth while sleeping with Dental Night Guard

Article | 2019-11-28 22:40:58

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Without realizing it, some people often grit their teeth while sleeping. This habit is medically known as bruxism. Even bruxism can also occur when you are awake. If allowed to continue continuously, the habit of teeth grinding can seriously affect dental health so it requires special care. Not infrequently, this habit can also cause headaches. So, how to get rid of teeth grinding habits? Read on to find out.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is an abnormal activity in the oral cavity, for example clenching (clenching teeth in the upper and lower jaw with excessive pressure), grinding (scraping the teeth to the right and left between the upper and lower jaws) or bracing (teeth grinding) which can occur when someone is sleeping (sleep bruxism) or when someone is in a state of consciousness (awake bruxism).

In many cases, bruxism occurs at night while someone is sleeping. Whereas in some other cases, bruxism can also occur spontaneously when someone is anxious or when experiencing excessive stress.

If you are still experiencing bruxism at an early stage - it is not a habit that continues to be done, this does not require special treatment. But, if bruxism has become a habit, it allows a greater impact, such as tooth decay, headaches, disorders of the jaw, and other problems.

Until now, the medical world is not known exactly what causes bruxism. However, people who move their teeth frequently tend to have sleep disorders such as snoring or breathing problems during sleep (sleep apnea). Also, several physical and psychological factors can trigger the occurrence of bruxism, including anxiety, stress, tension, the composition of uneven teeth, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

How do you get rid of the habit of grinding your teeth?

In most cases, bruxism does not require special treatment. Children who experience bruxism can recover on their own without special treatment as they grow. Adults who experience bruxism also do not need certain therapies to cure it.

However, if the problem is serious enough, a person is advised to undergo a series of treatments. That is why it helps you do a check-up with the dentist first. This is done to find out how much tooth and jaw joint damage has occurred. So that the type of treatment will be adjusted to the patient's condition and the cause of the emergence of bruxism.

BIA Dental Center provides Dental Night Guard as solution for your grinding teeth habit

Dental Night Guard - is a protective device for the teeth on the upper and lower jaw, which is made in the laboratory according to the size of the patient's teeth. 

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