Cheese Consumption Is Good For Dental Health

Article | 2020-09-28 01:22:25

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Cheese Consumption Is Good For Dental Health

Foods that can help improve oral health include processed dairy products, namely cheese. In Indonesia, the consumption of cheese has increased every year. Based on Fonterra's research, national cheese consumption in 2016 has increased by 8.1% and 9% of them are new buyers compared to 2015.

In addition to its high calcium content for teeth, cheese can also increase the pH (reduce acidity) of saliva and help remineralize teeth. Cheese has a low tendency to cause dental caries (cariogenic) and in some conditions it is able to stop the caries process (cariostatic) which can prevent caries in the teeth.

The low cariogenic potential of cheese can prevent demineralization of teeth through two mechanisms, namely by stimulating increased salivary flow or by increasing levels of calcium and phosphate in the saliva.

Consumption of 5 grams of cheese per day is quite effective in carrying out its role in preventing demineralization, accelerating the flow of saliva, and increasing the pH of the oral cavity.

In the mechanism of oral health, saliva plays a role in defense against disease. Saliva functions as the main defense mechanism against microorganisms in the oral cavity. Saliva function disorders itself can be influenced by several factors, namely age, environmental conditions, and diet.

Regulation of saliva in the mouth requires a pH above 5.5 to prevent damage to tooth enamel resulting in tooth erosion. Normally the pH of the saliva is within 5.75 - 7, and can reach 8 if there is stimulation of secretions. Protein, phosphate, and bicarbonate in saliva contribute to changes in the pH of the saliva.

There are four types of cheese that are well known and often used by people in Indonesia, namely cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and edam cheese. Cheddar cheese in the US Food and Drug Administration's list has a pH level of 5.9, comparison with Parmesan cheese which only has a pH level of 5.2 or more acidic, cheddar cheese is included in the low-acid food category, so consumption of cheddar cheese can help health mouth and will not cause tooth demineralization that starts when the pH drops below 5.5.

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