How Can Tooth Cavities Cause Bad Breath?

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How Can Tooth Cavities Cause Bad Breath?

The problem of oral and dental diseases in Indonesia still needs attention. Various efforts and efforts to improve dental and oral health problems have not shown tangible results. Especially when measured by indicators of the degree of public dental and oral health, namely the occurrence of dental caries and inflammatory disease of the tooth supporting tissue. Almost all humans have experienced problems with their oral and dental health, in the form of cavities, gingivitis, inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth and bad breath known as halitosis. Halitosis is a serious social disability for sufferers that is caused by multi factorials.

The oral cavity is the first entry point for nutritional ingredients for complete individual growth. The oral cavity is also a site for infectious microorganisms that can affect general health conditions. Oral health and general health are interrelated, because oral health can affect general health. Oral health is as important as body health in general. Tissue changes in the mouth also indicate a change in general health status.

The source of bad breath comes mostly from within the mouth itself. Bad breath comes from sulfur in the form of gas Volatile Sulfur Compounds or VSC which is volatile, and is a byproduct of bacteria. The presence of inflammation in the oral cavity, deep gum pockets, bleeding, especially with spontaneous bleeding can increase the concentration of VSC in the mouth so that it can cause bad breath.

Bad breath is associated with the presence of dental and surrounding tissue diseases such as dental caries, pulp gangrene, gum inflammation, inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth, mouth sores, inflammation of the tongue and oral cancer. All of these diseases can cause pathological bad breath or halitosis caused by the disease.

Dental caries is tooth decay characterized by progressive destruction of enamel and dentin caused by active bacterial metabolism. In the early stages until advanced dental caries is still alive, dental caries can increase VSC levels due to the decay of food leftovers by bacteria in the caries so that it will cause bad breath. In the advanced stage of caries or caries has reached the pulp if not treated it can cause inflammation of the pulp tissue. Inflamed pulp tissue if not treated over time will cause death and rot. The decay of the tooth pulp tissue that is dead or gangraent will cause a distinctive odor produced by the gangraent gas contained in the tooth.

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