Important Role of Mothers in Improving Dental Health Behavior in Society

Article | 2020-10-05 12:34:33

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Important Role of Mothers in Improving Dental Health Behavior in Society

Various oral and dental diseases that occur in the community are health problems that need special attention. Dental and oral health problems in several developing countries, such as Indonesia, are ranked in the top ten diseases, the number of which is still too large, which is spread in various regions.

Tooth cavity or dental caries is a disease that attacks the oral cavity and is caused by bacterial damage to the hard tissues of the teeth. Tooth tissue damage if not followed up will spread. If left untreated, tooth decay will cause tooth pain, gum infection, tooth loss, and even death.

The results of the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) recorded the proportion of dental and oral problems of 57.6% and those who received services from dental medical personnel were 10.2%. The proportion of proper brushing behavior was 2.8%.

Tooth and mouth disease is a community disease that can affect all age groups, which have a progressive attitude if not treated or treated will get worse. The perception and behavior of the Indonesian people towards oral health is still poor due to the lack of planting of the importance of maintaining oral health from an early age. The portrait of dental and oral health in Indonesia, which is still poor, can be seen from the still large numbers of dental caries and oral diseases in Indonesia which tend to increase.

The cause of the high prevalence of dental caries is the lack of knowledge, attitudes and actions of mothers regarding the maintenance of dental and oral health for their children which will become a problem if it continues into adulthood. Dental caries is most common in the age group 4-12 years, from these data it can be concluded that the lack of knowledge about oral health maintenance experienced from an early age to adulthood can affect the wrong behavior that parents can pass on to children.

Therefore, every parent, especially mothers, has an important role for the growth of children, so they should seek information about the dental and oral health of children aged 3-5 years at the Public Health Center in their area, at the nearest dentist clinic or information in trusted media. This information includes the definition, benefits, prevention and diseases that can be prevented by maintaining oral health.

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