Mouthwash for Smokers, is it effective?

Article | 2020-10-20 12:26:40

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Mouthwash for Smokers, is it effective?

Many people experience bad breath, but many of them are not aware. Everyone certainly wants a healthy teeth, mouth, and without bad breath. Most people think just by brushing teeth, it can be overcome, but actually it needs following treatment to have maximum result.

Bad breath faced or experienced by a person has many causes, not only from infection in the oral cavity, but can also from throat, lung, stomach disorder, smoking and consumption of certain drugs.

The smell and taste that comes from the mouth of smokers is quite distinctive, the smell can be emitted from cigarette tobacco, or from other respiratory organs. Nowadays there are many aromatheraphy products used to get rid of bad breath, one of them is mouthwash. For people who experience bad breath its common for them to use mouthwash to treat the odor, so do smokers. To choose mouthwash cant be arbitrary. There are various reasons for bad breath, and not all bad breath can be eliminated just by using mouthwash. Using mouthwash without clear rules can increase the risk of oral cancer. Therefore using mouthwash should follow the rules and regulations recommended by health practitioners, for example doctors, dentists, dental nurses or dental health workers.

Mouthwash is quite effective in providing freshness and eliminating bad breath for light smokers ( less than 10 cigarettes a day ), if used 2 times a day for 30 seconds for period of 1 week. However, mouthwash lasts not more that one hour. 

For moderate smokers ( less than 20 cigarettes a day ), they only feel the freshness of mouthwas for not more than one hour, and doesn’t make a change in bad breath because the time between using mouthwash and smoking is too fast so the mouthwash cannot work optimally in eliminating bad breath.

The Large amount of cigarettes consumption in moderate smokers,  plus lack of efforts to take care of oral health, is one of the causes of how ineffective mouthwash in eliminating bad breath,  so the bad breath will still exist. 

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