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One sided chewing habit surely affect the development of the jaw. The side that frequently functions will trigger to develop more than the other side. Chew using only one side of the jaw causes thick and strong muscles only on an active side. The facial muscles become asymetrical between left and right side. Therefore, chewing using both sides of the mouth will be beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth. The chewing movement has nature self cleansing. It will produce more saliva when chewing and balance the normal flora of the oral cavity so the harmful germs do not dominate. Chewing using only one side will help clean on that side, meanwhile the other side is at risk of more plaque or tartar. 

The reasons of one sided chewing. 

There are some reasons why people chew one sided, first of all is a habit and it feels more comfortable. Tooth cavity that makes a person avoid chwewing using that tooth, or toothless. This habit may begin from childhood when they have cavities and pain on one side. The brain will order to avoid using problematic part, so it will continuously using the other side and became a habit. 

One sided chewing cause:

  1. Tartar

Tooth tartar can arise when a person chews only one side, so the other side that is not used can accumulates the plaque and it became tartar.

  1. Gingivitis

Gingivitis can occur from the accumulation of dental plaque because lack of oral hygiene, other than that, the habit of one sided chewing. Chewing increase the saliva production that have a natural self cleansing. The tartar can lead to bleeding gum and compresses the gums on the neck of the teeth.

  1. Tooth support tissue inflammation

The inflammation of the tooth supports occurs when inflammation of the gums spreads the supporting structures of the teeth. This condition called periodontitis. Periodontitis is one of the main causes of tooth loss in eldery. Most periodontitis is the result of accumulation of plaque and tartar between teeth and gums.

  1. Masticatory of joint abnormalities

One sided chewing give load the both side of masticatory joints and became unbalance. this makes the joint that is located in front of the ear canal became painful or sometimes make  clicking sound when mouth is wide opening or yawning.

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