Tongue Piercing: Pay Attention To This In Order To Avoid The Risk Of Complications

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Tongue Piercing: Pay Attention To This In Order To Avoid The Risk Of Complications

Initially, using jewelry on the pierced body part was part of various cultures as a manifestation of religious or cultural identity. However, nowadays its use has been widespread in adolescents. The most common sites for piercing are the tongue and lower lip into the oral cavity. Some of the most common complications of this piercing are bad breath, inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue, broken teeth, inflammation of the tongue, and abscess formation. Even if a bacterial infection travels with the blood, it may cause serious infections such as inflammation of the heart valves.

These are the following things must be considered to avoid the risks:

  1. Use proper piercing jewelry.

It is necessary to consider the right piercing jewelry for a certain anatomy and how to fit the piercing, it must be the right size, the material used must be the same as the implant material, use a ring / ball material made of acrylic on the tongue barbell to reduce the risk of tooth decay, threaded ends of the piercing must be safe, a smaller ball piercing can be used on the underside of the tongue to reduce contact with the floor of the mouth, piercing wearers should be warned that playing with the piercing jewelery excessively should be avoided as it often causes tooth decay and gum injury.

  1. The correct position of installation

Safe piercing installation is very important for the health and comfort of the piercing wearer and does not harm the tongue and chewing activities. For this reason, the installation for tongue piercing is usually along the middle line of the tongue.

  1. The sterility of the piercing procedure

The risk of exposure to infection can be avoided as long as the piercing procedure is carried out using sterile instruments, jewelery, needles. Understanding and implementing protocols needs for preventing the spread of infection

  1. Daily maintenance

When brushing your teeth, be sure to brush your tongue too. The barbell should be removed daily and cleaned using warm water and soap. The holes in the tongue should also be cleaned using running water. Mouth rinses that contain alcohol should be avoided as they can cause burning and sore.

  1. Use antiseptic to wash the mouth 4-5 times a day for 30-60 seconds after meals and before bedtime during healing period.

  2. If Swelling

Most piercing wearer do not bleed and might be a little swelling for a few days after the piercing. To reduce swelling you can raise the head above the heart while sleeping, use several pillows, the first few nights, and use anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.

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