Pregnant Women are Susceptible to Gingivitis

Article | 2020-11-30 01:44:05

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Pregnant Women are Susceptible  to Gingivitis

Tooth and mouth disease is one of health problems. Approximately 60% of the population in Indonesia, who live in villages or cities, have dental and oral problems. Based on a dental and oral diseases survey, the most frequent problems are dental support tissue disease and  gum inflammation, which are about 87.84%. The increase is in line with increasing age and symptoms found in the community.

Pregnant women are susceptible to gum inflammation. About 30-100% of pregnant women have changes in their gums that leads to gum inflammation, and this condition is known as pregnancy gingivitis.

Gum changes in pregnant women usually begin to appear at two months of pregnancy, and reach the breaking point at the eighth month. Gingivitis in pregnant women will not arise without the internal factors, which is the accumulation of dental plaque and bacteria on the gums that precede pregnancy, and also due to the increase of hormones during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not a direct cause of gingivitis, but it depends on the habit of a person in maintaining daily oral cleanliness.

In addition, gingivitis could happen because of inadequate nutritional intake in pregnant women, Pregnant women need adequate nutritional intake for themselves and the babies they are carrying. If a pregnant woman experiences a lack of nutritional intake, it will cause abnormalities in the fetus she is carrying. Lack of nutritional elements such as vitamins and calcium will worsen the condition of pregnant women. Pregnant women who don't consume enough nutrients, including calcium and vitamins, will potentially have a gum inflammation.

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