What Happens if Missing Teeth Are Not replaced

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What Happens if Missing Teeth Are Not replaced

Tooth loss can occur on the front, back, or a combination of the two. The number of teeth determines the effectiveness of chewing and swallowing, which are the first steps in digestion. In addition, the number of teeth in the oral cavity will affect the pressure distribution and chewing function, appearance, speech, and comfort of a person so that tooth loss has many negative impacts that affect many aspects. Losing more than 3 back teeth in one arch can interfere with the masticatory system.

Losing a tooth that is left too long will cause a shift in the remaining teeth, shrinking the jawbone, decreased chewing function to speech problems and can also affect the jaw joint.

Tooth loss can lead to reduced tooth function, systemic disease and an emotional impact on the individual. Reduced functional teeth can cause chewing and eating patterns problems that interfere with nutritional status. Individuals who lost their back teeth had four times as many chewing problems.

The impact of tooth loss is in the form of systemic diseases such as nutritional deficiencies and osteoporosis. Emotional impact is the feeling or reaction shown by the individual in connection with the loss of teeth which can change the shape of the face, face height and vertical dimensions, causing reactions to feel sad, depressed, lose self-confidence and feel old.

Losing a tooth that has other functional implications can be a speech disorder. Speech function will decrease because teeth have an important role in the speaking process. Individuals who have lost their teeth, especially those on the front teeth, have difficulty pronouncing some letters, which will interfere with the process of speaking and communicating.

Loss of balance in the dental jaw arch can result in tooth displacement, tilt or rotation, and damage to the periodontal structure. Migration and rotation of teeth causes teeth to lose contact with neighbors and opponents to bite them. Teeth that are slanted and cavities will be easily inserted by food, so that oral hygiene is disturbed and caries activity can increase.

In order to avoid the unwanted effects of tooth loss, partial or complete dentures are required depending on the need.

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