Broken Teeth Doesn’t Always Have to Be Extracted

Article | 2020-12-31 04:54:45

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Broken Teeth Doesn’t Always Have to Be Extracted

Oral health is often underestimated by the public and consider procedures or actions in the field of dentistry to be scary. This is due to the low level of public knowledge about the importance of maintaining oral health. Therefore, people come to the dentist if the complaints of oral and dental disease that they are experiencing are at an advanced level, so that tooth extraction is chosen as treatment.

Tooth extraction or in dentistry terms known as tooth extraction is the procedure most often performed by dentists in clinics. Tooth extraction is a procedure that removes the tooth from the alveolar bone socket. The study showed that the main reasons for tooth extraction were dental caries at 38.4%, and disease in the tooth supporting tissue at 32.3%. Extraction is the last option for patients whose teeth are damaged and cannot be treated anymore. Some of the community already understand the importance of maintaining teeth in the oral cavity, but there are also those who still do not understand and tend to pull out damaged teeth instead of treating teeth. Tooth loss can be a disadvantage for the patient because it can reduce the efficiency of chewing, tooth shifting and rotating, problems with the chewing joints and other problems in the oral cavity.

Extraction is not always necessary, the dentist will first consider the following treatments:

Don't hesitate to do a checkup at the nearest hospital to treat cavities. Treatment of cavities is done differently for each condition. A cavity that is severe enough and cannot be repaired needs to be extracted. The following treatments can be done, namely:

  1. Teeth Filling

Tooth filling is a common procedure for cavities that are not severe.

  1. Artificial dental crowns

Crowns are used to treat cavities that are more severe. Generally, patients with weak teeth are recommended to wear crowns.

  1. Root canal treatment

This action is performed when the hole in the tooth has reached the tooth pulp. This action is done to overcome dental problems without having to pull out the teeth.

There is nothing wrong with taking precautions so that you avoid the problem of cavities. We recommend that you don't forget to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, after eating and before bed. If necessary, use fluoridated toothpaste and check up regularly to the dentist twice a year.

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