White Spot: Early Symptoms of Cavities

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White Spot: Early Symptoms of Cavities

The onset of dental caries is marked by the presence of white spots on the teeth (white spots). These white spots appear due to the process of removing salt and mineral content (demineralization) in the hard tissues of the teeth due to accumulated plaque and food scraps. If allowed to continue, white spots will turn into brownish spots that spread and form holes in the teeth. If left untreated, this caries can lead to pain, tooth loss, dangerous infections, and even death. In general, the causes of dental caries in children are triggered by several interrelated factors.

If the teeth have white spots, then the following measures can be taken to remove them:

  1. Teeth Veneers

Dental veneers are a thin layer that covers the surface of the teeth. This coating can cover white spots and other stains on the teeth effectively. What needs to be noted is that dental veneers must be adapted to the condition of the patient's teeth and can only be installed by the dentist.

  1. Topical Fluoride

Topical fluoride or topical fluoride can be given to patients who have white spots on the teeth. Topical fluoride can promote enamel development and help prevent tooth decay.

  1. Composite Resin

Patients with white spots on the teeth can get filling treatment with composite resin material to fill the cavities and seal the white spot. However, this treatment option is not suitable for patients who have too many white spots on the teeth.

But it would be nice if you take precautions before signs of caries such as white spots occur. Here are tips for preventing early tooth decay:

  1. Limit the provision of food / drinks that are sticky to children's teeth. When the child is allowed to consume a variety of foods, it is best to get used to eating healthy foods, rich in fiber and containing lots of water, such as cut fruit and vegetables.

  2. Immediately change the habit of drinking milk from a bottle by using a glass.

  3. Clean your child's teeth, at least 2 times a day. For toddlers who have not yet grown their teeth, cleaning can use gauze soaked in lukewarm boiled water so that the toddler feels comfortable. Clean the gum area and tongue. If the teeth have grown, use a toothbrush aid that is appropriate for the child's age.

  4. Help the child brush their teeth regularly until the child is adept at doing it on their own. Use children's toothpaste that contains fluoride because in addition to cleaning teeth, children's enzyme toothpaste functions to keep saliva healthy, so that the demineralization and remineralization processes can run in balance, the result can be prevented tooth decay.

  5. If necessary, topical fluorine applications can be done by dentists.

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