Tartar Causes Gingivitis

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Tartar Causes Gingivitis

The tartar appears in areas that are difficult to clean and is a place for germs to stick in the mouth. Tartar is a solid deposit formed from plaque that hardens and sticks to teeth or dental fillings. Tartar is a hard mineralized deposit of dental plaque that sticks tightly around the crown and roots of teeth.

The formation of tartar can occur to everyone, and the formation process cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced by cleaning the teeth properly, at least twice a day, namely after breakfast and before going to bed at night. The use of an antiseptic in the form of mouthwash can also reduce plaque formation which will reduce the formation of tartar. The use of this antiseptic aims to inhibit the growth or development of microorganisms without damaging the whole, such as using Clorhexidine mouthwash 0.2% for one week can inhibit plaque growth by up to 85%, and can accelerate wound healing.

Tooth tartar can cause various diseases such as inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue (periodontitis). Inflammation of the gums is characterized by gums that appear redder, swollen and often bleed when brushing your teeth. If treatment is not done, the inflammation of the gums will develop into periodontitis or inflammation of the bone supporting the teeth which will cause the teeth to loose and loose on their own.

The occurrence of infection in the teeth begins with an imbalance of bacteria in the plaque. Plaque is a thin layer on the surface of the teeth that comes from the saliva and is not visible to the eye. Plaque already forms a few seconds after brushing your teeth. Several hours later some bacteria in the mouth will stick to the plaque, but this is normal. If oral hygiene is not maintained properly, the balance of plaque bacteria in the area will be disturbed, the bacteria will multiply, and start to smell bad (halitosis) from the mouth that comes from bacterial toxins.

Management at an early stage and what is often done is scaling. This treatment can be done by general dentists or public health center because it does not require special skills and can be done with simple equipment.

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