Fruits and Vegetables to Prevent Toothache in Children

Article | 2021-03-02 07:47:02

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Fruits and Vegetables to Prevent Toothache in Children

Everyone can experience dental caries, including children. This disease causes pain so that the child becomes lazy to eat. If there is damage at a severe stage or an abscess has occurred, then the tooth may fall out. Children who have lost some of their teeth cannot eat well and cannot eat except soft foods. Therefore, dental caries can eventually lead to malnutrition. Dental care for children who have experienced tooth decay is difficult and treatment of damaged teeth is also time consuming and expensive.

One of the habits of children that can trigger dental caries is the habit of consuming cariogenic foods such as chocolate, candy, sweet cakes, and so on. This is because the food has an attractive shape and tastes good or delicious, which is loved by children. The risk increases if these foods are consumed between meals and are sticky in form.

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water can facilitate self-cleaning of the teeth, so that dental plaque can be reduced and in the end dental caries can be prevented. Fresh fruits such as apples, bengkoang, pear, watermelon and vegetables such as carrots, etc. can stimulate the function of chewing and increase saliva production. Fresh fruit plays a very effective role in helping dental hygiene when consumed after meals.

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