Your Smile, Is Your Happiness and Family

Article | 2019-10-05 14:17:46

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Someone who is smiling will look more attractive because he is able to give the impression of personal closeness to the interlocutor or other people. Healthy teeth are a determining factor for the aesthetics of your smile so that your expression can be expressed to the maximum without you feeling less confident in front of your interlocutors.

The appearance of teeth is an important feature in determining facial attractiveness and thus plays a key role in human social interaction. Among the significant factors that affect overall tooth appearance are tooth color, size, shape, position, and a number of teeth. Although each factor can be considered individually, all components must be considered as a whole to create the desired end result.

Good and regular dental care will be able to maintain the health and aesthetics of your teeth at all times. Based on a study, revealed that the majority of dental care patients gave their complaints about dissatisfaction with the appearance of their teeth with a greater percentage of women who expressed dissatisfaction than men. Age is not associated with satisfaction. Unhappiness with tooth color, tooth shape, and feelings of having teeth that are less aesthetically also have a significant negative effect on patient satisfaction with general dental appearance.

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