Dental Crowns: A Aesthetic and Strong Tooth Repair Solution

Article | 2021-03-02 07:50:38

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Dental Crowns: A Aesthetic and Strong Tooth Repair Solution

A damaged tooth repair must be able to meet aesthetic and functional needs, where the repair is expected to meet patient satisfaction. A denture crown is a type of permanent repair that covers the surface of a natural tooth crown, which must be able to improve the shape, contour, and protect the remaining tooth tissue from further damage. Denture crowns or crowns can be made of several materials: metal, composite, acrylic, porcelain or a metal-porcelain combination or what is often called porcelain fused to metal.

There are several conditions why a tooth needs a dental crown. Tooth discoloration, broken teeth and cavities are indications for a dental crown. Because it is no longer possible for regular patching and if you force it, it will easily come off, crack or break. By making a crown, the damaged tooth is protected and its shape becomes like a normal tooth.

Before placing a permanent dental crown, the dentist will carry out the tooth preparation and continue the dental molding. After that, the molds are taken to the laboratory. While waiting for a permanent crown, usually the tooth will be installed first with a temporary crown. Because making permanent dental crowns takes 1-2 weeks in the dental laboratory.

Even though using a dental crown, follow-up care, such as maintaining oral hygiene, brushing your teeth after breakfast and before bed, as well as seeing the dentist every 6 months, still have to be done. By keeping the oral cavity clean, crowns can last longer.

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