Dental Bridge: Permanent, No Need to Remove

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Dental Bridge: Permanent, No Need to Remove

A dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a partial denture that is attached precisely to one or more supporting teeth and replaces one or more missing teeth. The purpose of making bridge dentures is to restore the chewability that has been lost due to the loss of one or more natural teeth. In addition, it is also intended to improve aesthetics, maintain / maintain gum health, restore pronunciation function, and prevent tooth shifting of empty spaces due to tooth loss in the form of tooth shifting, rotating, tilted, or modified teeth.

Requirements for making dental bridge

The condition and position of the existing natural teeth are taken into consideration for supporting teeth. The supporting teeth must not be loose and have a position parallel to the other teeth.

If more teeth are replaced than the supporting teeth, it will damage the abutment itself and the surrounding tissues. A good situation is if there are two abutment teeth at each end that are eligible to replace one tooth.

Dental bridge should not be made under 17 years of age because the pulp space is still large, the teeth are not fully developed, and the jawbone is not solid or hard enough.

Around the supporting teeth, the condition of the gums must be healthy, the color and consistency of the gums can be used as guidelines for normal gums.

Advantages of bridge denture

The dental bridge is not easily removed or swallowed because it is attached to the natural tooth. The patient feels like real teeth. The bridge denture protects the tooth against excess pressure and can transmit chewing pressure to the tooth support so it is beneficial for the supporting network because it is always stimulated. The tooth support tissue that is not stimulated will shrink.

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