Dental Care That Can Be Done During Fasting

Article | 2021-04-30 06:17:56

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Dental Care That Can Be Done During Fasting

        Dental problems can come any time, including when we fast.  Decreased saliva production will lead to other oral and dental problems, such as halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis, tooth pain due to cavities and other dental problems.  Some people might think that having dental care during fasting can break our fast.  In fact, not all dental treatments can break fasting.  In this article, we will discuss about dental treatments that will not  break fasting.


        Some Muslims think that dental care can break fasting.  Especially when going to a dentist where the dentist needs to insert a device in our mouth.  Some people even try not to swallow their own saliva and have the perception that inserting a foreign object such as a toothbrush can break the fast.  These assumptions make some people reluctant to see a dentist or even practice their own oral and dental hygiene during fasting.  Even though dental hygiene checks and practices do not break fasting.  Based on the European Journal of General Dentistry, dental care, such as scaling, restoration and extraction will not break fasting.


The Indonesian Theologian Council (MUI) of Bandung City issued a fatwa regarding dental actions that can invalidate and not invalidate fasting, including:

 Tooth extraction, even using anesthetic, whether topical/gel or injection, will not break the fast, even if swallowed.  Teeth scaling does not break the fast as long as it is done carefully, the fresh sensation of water that comes out of the ultrasonic scaler and toothpaste when polishing does not invalidate the fast.  Bleeding during scaling does not break the fast.

        In some cases, for example orthodontic treatment, root canal treatment (endodontics) can still be done and does not break the fast.  Especially for dental restorations (dental fillings) and endodontics, the dentist always uses a rubber dam that will prevent the material from being swallowed during treatment.  Likewise, when going to make crowns / veneers or dentures, it is necessary to print the teeth, this treatment does not break the fast.

        If necessary, you can still visit the dentist during Ramadan. Some dental treatments do not break the fast. BIA Dental Center continues to serve patients during Ramadan, with our professional dentists, we always try to provide the best service for your healthy smile. Always consult your dental and oral health problems with the best dentists and dental clinics in Bali of your choice.

Always consult your dental and oral health problems with the best dentists and dental clinics in Bali.

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