Braces vs Aligner, Which One is Better?

Article | 2021-06-22 07:27:42

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Braces vs Aligner, Which One is Better?

The development of trends in society is always changing, ranging from fashion, hairstyles, music, technology, even the orthodontic treatment. Yes, orthodontic treatment. As we know, the trend of wearing braces was popular in the community, especially among teenagers and young adults. Braces are considered capable of making the appearance of a smile and face look more attractive. In addition to appearance reasons, some people wear braces for reasons of increasing prestige in their association. The more expensive the braces, the more special the person feels.

In addition to braces, lately the term Invisalign is also often heard. What exactly is Invisalign? Invisalign is a well-known brand that popularized orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. In contrast to braces, aligners have a very good aesthetic level because they are made of a transparent layer that covers the teeth. Many Hollywood and Indonesian celebrities wear this aligner to correct the arrangement of their teeth without having to interfere with the appearance of their smile with other objects that are clearly attached to the surface of their teeth. This is one of the factors that Invisalign is quite popular in several countries, including Indonesia.

Back to talking about braces, there are several kinds of braces that we can choose according to your needs. Just like the trend that is popular in society, the more expensive and has a high aesthetic value, this is considered to increase a person's prestige, especially if the type of braces used is also owned by a famous celebrity. The types of braces include metal braces, ceramic braces, sapphire braces, self-ligating braces and lingual braces. The selection of the type of braces is basically depending on the needs and demands of the patient. The way braces work is almost the same, the difference is the bracket material from the braces. Ceramic was chosen because it has an appearance that resembles the color of teeth, unfortunately some reports say that this type of braces breaks easily. You can choose Sapphire braces because they have a very good appearance, with an almost transparent color, these braces are perfect for those who want an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In terms of strength, sapphire braces are much stronger than ceramic braces, the strength of sapphire braces is almost the same as metal braces. You can choose self-ligating if you don't have enough time to carry out routine checks every month because it can be controlled every 3 or 4 months (depending on the case). Self-ligating braces are also superior in terms of cleanliness because they do not require rubber to activate.

If you compare those orthodontic treatments to know which one is better, of course, braces and aligners cannot be compared because the indications for their use are slightly different. Braces are intended to straighten out crowded teeth in mild to severe cases, while aligners are intended only to straighten crowded or spaced teeth in mild cases. Braces require regular control by changing the rubber or wire every month, but aligners require patience and discipline from users to wear aligners for a certain period of time and change aligners to the next aligner in an average of 2 weeks.

So, the first thing you should do to know the condition of your teeth is by consulting with the best orthodontist you trust. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center comes with the best facilities and trusted dentists in their fields, including orthodontic specialists (orthodontist). By knowing the needs of orthodontic treatment according to the condition of your teeth, orthodontic treatment can provide optimal results.

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