Beware of the Dangers of False Braces by Non-Professional Dental Workers

Article | 2021-06-28 04:22:44

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Beware of the Dangers of False Braces

by Non-Professional Dental Workers

In the modern era like now, orthodontic treatments such as braces are not only intended to improve the arrangement of teeth, but are also considered capable of making a person's appearance more attractive. This is what makes the use of braces a trend in many countries, including in Indonesia. Unfortunately, for some people in Indonesia, this trend has ultimately ruled out the use of braces to improve the position and arrangement of the teeth but only needs to support appearance, it is even worse to entrust the installation of braces to non-professional dental workers/dental artisan (tukang gigi).

Surely many of us have often seen the name sign of a dental artisan practice, but what is a dental artisan? According to the Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) 39 of 2014 a dental artisan is anyone who has the ability to make and install removable dentures. From this understanding, it can be seen that dental artisans can only carry out work that is limited to making and installing removable dentures provided that they do not endanger the patient's health. Over time, some people refer to dental artisans as dental professionals and their practice is called a dental salon. It is unfortunate because there are many unscrupulous dental artisans who do dental treatment other than removable dentures, the most common example is orthodontic treatment with braces.

Dental treatment other than what has been mentioned in the Minister of Health Regulation 39/2014 means that it is not allowed and certainly violates the law, especially fake stirrups by dental artisans are reported to have negative impacts on their users, such as:

  • Loose Teeth

Problems that are often reported due to the use of fake stirrups by unscrupulous dentists are loose teeth. Braces that are installed inappropriately and incorrectly will shift the position of the teeth to a position that is not supposed to be, uncontrolled pressure from the braces installed by the dental artisan will cause disruption of the supporting tissues of the teeth, resulting in a decrease in the alveolar bone (the bone that supports the teeth) so that the teeth become loose and even extracted from the socket.

  • Unclenched Teeth

Shifting the teeth to an inappropriate position will disrupt the dental arch and eventually the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth is not harmonious, this causes the teeth to not be clenched and the chewing of food is disrupted. Even if it continues, it will cause problems in the jaw joint.

  • Changes in Facial Profile or Facial Asymmetry

One of the functions of orthodontic treatment is to improve the symmetry and profile of a person's face, but if this treatment is carried out by non-professional dental workers, it can have negative impacts, such as changing a person's facial profile to be asymmetrical due to the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth that are not harmonious, the arrangement of the teeth, front teeth that move forward, and so on.

  • Gum or Soft Tissue Infection

The use of tools in dental salon that are unhygienic because they do not go through a good sterilization process will lead to a potential infection of the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth, if there is swelling of the tissue and the potential for infection to spread to other tissues also increases.

There are still many case reports caused by false braces by dental artisans which ultimately require quite serious treatment and cost a lot of money.

Public awareness to check the health condition of their teeth and mouth to the dentist is very important to avoid the negative impact of dental treatment by non-professional dental workers such as dental artisans. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center provides complete facilities and trusted dentists in their fields, including orthodontists. With proper examination and case analysis, orthodontic treatment can be ensured to be safe and meet your expectations. Always entrust your dental care to a trusted dentist, not a non-professional dental worker, so that dental care can run well, safely and comfortably.

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