Dental Implant, The Solution For Toothless Problem

Article | 2021-07-05 07:03:08

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Dental Implant, The Solution For Toothless Problem

Loss of teeth due to the extraction or for other reasons is something that some people may experience that makes the person toothless. This toothless or edentulous condition in addition to disrupting the mastication process can also cause several problems. The maxillary and mandibular teeth are related in such a way, each tooth has antagonistic teeth that make these teeth function well for chewing. The condition of the toothless teeth will cause the opposing teeth to not contact, so that over time the teeth will fall out of the gums, causing loose teeth, and even the teeth can fall out. In addition, this condition can cause a person to chew with the other side because it is uncomfortable to chew with the toothless side, as a result, mastication occurs on one side which makes the masticatory muscles work unbalanced, this causes joint disorders to facial asymmetry. Even though they appear immobile, teeth can actually move. When a tooth is missing due to extraction, the masticatory movement will make the teeth around the toothless area move towards the toothless area, as a result the teeth will tilt and not stand upright anymore.

There are several solutions to overcome the condition of missing teeth, including: making removable dentures, making fixed dentures, and dental implants. Removable dentures can be the choice most people choose because they are quite affordable. Unfortunately, this removable denture has several drawbacks, including, it requires patience in caring for it, must be removed while sleeping, causes discomfort when worn because it needs adaptation, the plate can change color, needs control after a few years because the denture can loosen due to changes in height the bones supporting the teeth, the gums and the position of the teeth. Fixed dentures are permanent dentures that are attached to teeth that have been prepared to repair part or all of the damaged or abnormal tooth surface to replace lost teeth. In conditions where the anchor teeth around the toothless area are still healthy, these teeth will still be prepared to be bonded with crowns and artificial teeth, that's why fixed dentures are also called dental crown bridge. For some people, reducing a portion of the healthy tooth surface for fixed dentures is considered less profitable so they choose dental implants.

Dental implant is a procedure for implanting artificial tooth roots in the form of bolts on the alveolar bone in the upper or lower jaw made of special metals, for example titanium. There are several things that make dental implants superior to other dentures, such as:

  • Dental implants are stronger because they are embedded directly in the alveolar bone which replaces the function of the teeth and tooth roots so that patients are easier to chew and comfortable without worrying about the denture shifting like when using dentures

  • Dental implants do not interfere when the patient speaks as in the use of removable dentures, because they do not shift during speech.

  • Dental implants do not require complex treatment as in the treatment of removable dentures or fixed dentures.

  • Dental implants are more practical because they do not have to be removable like removable dentures, and do not require adhesives like fixed dentures.

  • Dental implants can last a lifetime (with good control), unlike removable dentures or fixed dentures (dental bridges) which need to be replaced every 7-15 years.

But keep in mind that dental implant treatment must be with the right indications and carried out by a competent dentist such as an officially certified dental implant dentist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, or periodontist. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center comes with complete facilities and trusted dentists in their fields, especially dental implants. With a good initial examination and consultation with a dentist who is competent for dental implant treatment, this treatment can run well.

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