Oral Surgery Solution For Cleft Lip

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Oral Surgery Solution For Cleft Lip

The term cleft lip may be quite familiar to some people, but what exactly is a cleft lip? Cleft lip is a condition of birth defects in babies that occur on the lips, where in this condition a person has a cleft in its lips. This gap can appear in the middle, right or left. Cleft lip is often accompanied by a cleft palate. These cleft lip and or cleft palate abnormalities can be treated with surgery performed by an Oral Surgeon.

Cleft lip or cleft palate occurs due to imperfect union of tissue in the lips and palate during the fetus in the womb. This union of tissues on the lips and palate normally occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. Until now the cause of cleft lip or cleft palate is not known with certainty, but experts believe this condition is caused by genetic factors and environmental factors. quoted from Stanford Health Care, cleft lip affects at least 1 in every 700 births. In Indonesia, 1 in 300 babies born normally suffer from cleft lip. Every year, cleft lip disorders in Indonesia reach 7,000 cases. No wonder the abnormality that appears in this baby is a concern for parents who are waiting for the birth of a baby.

Cleft lip is not always accompanied by cleft palate, and vice versa. The condition of cleft lip or cleft palate can be detected when the baby is born, besides that this condition can be detected during the baby in the womb through Ultrasonography (USG) examination, therefore routine control during pregnancy is very important. Cleft lip treatment is carried out to eliminate the disturbances that occur in this condition such as the child's ability to eat and drink, the clarity of speech, and of course it will interfere with the child's appearance. Cleft lip can be treated with several surgeries. Usually the first surgery will be done when the baby is 3-6 months old. After the child's age is assessed as adequate and his condition is well monitored, the doctor can start cleft lip surgery. During the operation, the child will receive general anesthesia so that he does not feel pain or is not conscious during the procedure.

Cleft lip surgery is usually carried out by a team of doctors consisting of several specialties, such as dentists specializing in oral surgery, pediatric dentists, plastic surgeons, to anesthesiologists or anesthesiologists. However, not all surgeries are performed by the same team of doctors. It all depends on the condition of the child.

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