Jaw Surgery Makes You Look More Attractive, Really?

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Jaw Surgery Makes You Look More Attractive, Really?

The development of science and technology is accompanied by the need for increasingly diverse medical procedures, from treatment, repair, even just the need to improve one's appearance, including jaw surgery. Lately, maybe some of us have heard the term jaw surgery which is mostly done by celebrities to socialites and social media influencers. But what exactly is jaw surgery? What are the appropriate indications for jaw surgery? Is it safe to do jaw surgery? In this article, we will discuss jaw surgery to give the information and insight to the readers.

Jaw surgery is technically known as orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery is a corrective and aesthetic procedure performed to correct the structure of the face and jaw caused by conditions related to teeth, orthodontics, and skeletal problems. Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, initially jaw surgery was performed to correct an asymmetrical jaw structure and correct a messy tooth arrangement. Along with the times, jaw surgery procedures are carried out for cosmetic reasons and to improve one's appearance. Jaw surgery has become a trend to enhance beauty in South Korea, followed by several countries in Asia, including Indonesia.

In fact, apart from cosmetic reasons, jaw surgery can also be performed to improve impaired function due to cleft lip, sleep apnea, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, malocclusion, and other related conditions. To overcome these various conditions, there are three types of jaw surgery performed, namely upper jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery, chin surgery, or a combination of them.

  • Upper Jaw Surgery or Maxillary osteotomy.

This procedure is preferable to patients with one or more teeth biting in the bottom (crossbite), who have no teeth or too many teeth to appear, are exposed (open bite), or a significant maxilla.

  • Lower Jaw Surgery or Mandibular osteotomy.

This procedure is preferable for patients who develop the mandible significantly.

  • Chin surgery or Genioplasty.

This procedure is recommended for patients with severe mandible, which can interfere with normal jaw functions, including speech and eating.

Jaw surgery is highly recommended for patients with jaw conditions that affect their daily lives. When the jaw can be properly aligned through surgery, the patient will experience several benefits. Chewing and biting are made easier, with a rapid improvement in the way the patient chews. Wear and tear on the teeth can also be minimized, maintain the structure of the teeth, and protect them from decay. Patients with temporomandibular joint disorders report that their symptoms disappear, making life more enjoyable and functional. Sleep apnea sufferers also report reduced symptoms. There are also aesthetic benefits, namely a more balanced facial appearance, enhancing the beauty of the smile because the gums are no longer shrinking (or preventing the lips from covering the teeth). So, it can be concluded that the jaw surgery procedure can indeed improve a person's appearance because of a more balanced jaw structure, a proportional facial appearance, and of course a more beautiful smile, so that self-confidence increases.

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