Recognize the Causes of Yellow Teeth and the Solution

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Recognize the Causes of Yellow Teeth and the Solution

A beautiful smile coupled with healthy, white and shining teeth will increase a person's confidence, especially in socializing with other people. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally white teeth. Some people, maybe you are one of them, are less confident with the color of their teeth that look more yellow. But did you know that the causes of yellow teeth can vary? Well, in this article, we will discuss the causes of yellow teeth and also the solutions to overcome them.

In dentistry, the discoloration of the teeth is called discoloration. Discoloration of tooth enamel can be caused by staining, aging, and chemicals. Discoloration of the teeth can be divided into two based on the source, namely endogenous and exogenous. External discoloration is caused by substances from outside the teeth and is often caused by long-term drinking of colored drinks. Drinks in question such as tea, coffee, syrup, and smoking habits. Tar from cigarettes can cause discoloration of teeth from brown to black. Internal discoloration is caused by discoloration that occurs from within the tooth, obtained from local or systemic sources. Local factors can be caused by bleeding due to trauma (impact), incorrect dental procedures, decomposition of dental pulp tissue, the influence of drugs, or the influence of dental restorative materials. Even in most cases that dentists often encounter in dental clinics, internal discoloration is common in dead (non-vital) teeth. Discoloration that affects the inside of the tooth structure usually occurs at the age of growth, so if it has already occurred it will be difficult to treat externally.

The solution for tooth discoloration is dental whitening. External discoloration can be overcome by bleaching or teeth whitening treatments, but tooth discoloration that occurs due to intrinsic factors can only be overcome by special treatments such as internal bleaching, veneers, or making dental crowns. Internal bleaching is carried out after the root canal treatment on a necrotic tooth has been completed, where the dentist will insert bleaching material into the tooth and this process can last for a certain time depending on the bleaching material used. There are 2 types of teeth whitening based on the technique, namely home bleaching and in office bleaching. Home bleaching is carried out by the patient at home by applying a low concentration of bleaching material to his teeth and is carried out in a few minutes for a certain period of time. In office bleaching is a tooth whitening procedure performed in a dental clinic by a dentist using a high concentration of whitening material. In office bleaching is becoming increasingly popular to fulfill people's desire to have white teeth and a charming smile.

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