The Importance of Dental Health for Pregnancy Program

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The Importance of Dental Health for Pregnancy Program

Health checks for couples who are getting married are very important to find out the health status and risk of each disease that can have an impact on the pregnancy program later. In addition to general health checks, dental health checks are one of the important points in the examination of prospective brides because it turns out that dental and oral health affect fertility levels. Then, how important is the condition of dental and oral health for pregnancy? How can the condition of the teeth and mouth affect a pregnancy? In this article, we will discuss the effect of oral health on pregnancy.

Maybe not many people know that dental and oral health conditions have an influence on pregnancy. Most people actually avoid dental examinations or treatment for fear that it will have a negative impact on the womb. In fact, expectant mothers have to go through a series of health checks and tests to determine their health condition, one of which is a dental check-up. Dental health checks are important things to do before planning a pregnancy because during pregnancy, pregnant women will experience hormonal changes that can trigger several dental and oral health problems.

The most common dental and oral health problems found in pregnant women during pregnancy include; cavities, gingivitis, bleeding gums, xerostomia, bad breath (halitosis), and several other oral diseases. Gingivitis is a condition that affects the health of the fetus in the womb. Based on research conducted by Retnoningrum in 2006, it is known that gingivitis and nutritional status in pregnant women are risk factors for premature birth. The 2002 National Health Survey stated that 77% of pregnant women with gingivitis gave birth prematurely. In addition, research results from the Academy of General Dentistry quoted from Novianto (2010) also show that pregnant women who suffer from gum infections are 6 times more likely to give birth to premature babies and babies born with low weight. That's why dental and oral health checks before planning a pregnancy program are very important.

If during a dental examination some problems are found, dental treatment should be carried out so that the condition of the teeth and mouth does not get worse during pregnancy. Because some dental treatments are risky when performed during pregnancy, at least some dental procedures are quite safe in the second trimester of pregnancy. In addition, maintaining dental and oral hygiene during pregnancy is very important, considering the health of the fetus is also influenced by the condition of the mother's oral hygiene. Always do regular dental checkups at least every 6 months. Dental care for pregnant women can still be carried out by taking into account the type of action, benefits and risks, as well as advice from dentists or other health workers.

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