Dental and Mouth Problems Make Sperm Quality Decrease, How come?

Article | 2021-12-13 06:02:26

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Dental and Mouth Problems Make Sperm Quality Decrease, How come?

Dental and oral health becomes so important, especially before a wedding or pregnancy program. Several previous articles have discussed the relationship between dental and oral health on pregnancy and fetal development during pregnancy, then what about male fertility? How do cavities affect male fertility? In this article, we will discuss the effect of cavities on male fertility.

Perhaps many of us still do not know the impact of cavities on male fertility. So the question is how can an infection in the teeth have an impact on male reproduction? Elevated levels of bacteria in the mouth, such as bacteria from infections in cavities, gum problems, and oral health problems, can lead to increased levels of bacteria in other areas of the body, including semen and sperm. This condition is known as bacteriospermia. Bacteriospermia occurs when bacteria in the mouth enter the bloodstream and end up in semen and sperm. As a result, the immune system attacks healthy cells such as sperm, when the immune system is supposed to be protective.

Symptoms of bacteriospermia are indicated by the presence of excessive white blood cell counts when semen analysis is performed. Bacteriospermia can be present in the semen without causing any symptoms in a person. These bacteria can kill sperm and contribute further to the problem of motility (sperm ability to swim) and sperm morphology (shape). According to a study by the American Academy of Periodontology, bacteria from tartar (calculus) is one of the causes of bacteriospermia in semen and sperm. Bacteriospermia tends to reduce the ability of sperm to swim towards the egg, so that sperm are no longer agile. That way, the level of male fertility can decrease due to the decline in sperm quality.

There are several things you can do to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, including:

1.Brushing teeth

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed. This tooth brushing activity will help clean the dirt on the surface of the teeth that has the potential to become plaque which can be the cause of gum problems, in addition to food residue that sticks to the tooth surface can cause cavities.


Flossing is an activity to clean between the teeth using dental floss. Sometimes brushing your teeth is not enough to clean the area between your teeth and some other areas that are difficult to reach by a toothbrush, therefore flossing at least 3 times a week is highly recommended to improve oral hygiene.

3.Gargle with Mouthwash

To optimize oral hygiene, gargling using mouthwash can be done after brushing your teeth. The content of this mouthwash can suppress the growth of bacteria that cause cavities and other oral problems, besides that gargling with mouthwash can make your breath fresh.

4.Regular Check-ups to the Dentist

Do regular checkups and dental care to the dentist at least every 6 months. Regular checkups will help you find out the health status of your teeth and mouth, and if a problem is found, it can be treated by a dentist immediately.

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