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Article | 2020-01-11 13:10:13

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After you have a scaling and root planing treatment, you will get some not good experiences. You will likely get less redness, bleeding, and swelling in your gum tissues. To maintain these results, be sure to practice consistent oral hygiene at home.

DISCOMFORT. This discomfort will be felt shortly after treatment. Usually, there will be a feeling like a roughness on the surface of the teeth. This uncomfortable feeling will disappear when the tongue has adapted.

MINOR GUM BLEEDING WHEN BRUSHING TEETH. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and low pressure. These sensitive gums will return to normal after some time

SENSITIVE TEETH. The calculus that accumulates a lot in the teeth will press the gums. This causes the tooth root open and pain feeling may occur. This pain will decrease with time. If the pain becomes disturbing, the dentist will prescribe painkillers or give the topical desensitization treatment.

AVOID CIGARETTE to prevent teeth staining. Tobacco from the cigarette will delay the healing of the tissue.

AVOID SPICY FOOD. Avoid eating spicy foods for several days. Also, foods that may become lodged in your gums such as popcorn, seeds, etc.

TAKE MEDICINE. You may take a non-aspirin pain reliever for the discomfort.  Take ibuprofen unless you have an allergy or have medical conditions that prevent taking the medications.

DRINK MORE WATER AND HIGH FIBER FRUIT CONTAINING WATER to inhibit the formation of Plaque and calculus.

ROUTINE CONTROL EVERY 6 months so that your dental health is always monitored.

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