New Year, New Teeth

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New Year, New Teeth

The new year is a special moment to aim for better achievements, to be a better version of yourself than the previous year. Appearing more charming with a beautiful smile can be a good resolution for you. The development of science and technology in dentistry makes almost all dental and oral problems can be handled quickly and more practically to meet the patient's expectations of having clean, neat, and healthy teeth. In this article, we will discuss what dental treatments you can do to make the appearance of your teeth more attractive.

There are many things you can do to get a charming smile, one of which is dental care. Dental treatment will be carried out according to your needs. Some dental treatments that can be done to get more attractive teeth, including:

-Dental Whitening

Dental whitening or bleaching is done to get a whiter and more attractive tooth color. This procedure can be done in one visit to the dentist and is also known as in office bleaching. The length of dental whitening treatment varies, depending on the brand of dental whitening used, ranging from 45 minutes to more than 1 hour. The development of dental technology makes the duration of dental whitening treatment tend to be faster than a few years ago, so that patients can feel more comfortable.


Veneers are dental treatments that aim to improve the appearance of the teeth by coating the front of the teeth with a material. Veneers are divided into 2 types, namely, direct veneer and indirect veneer. Veneer procedures can be accompanied by a slight reduction of the tooth surface (preparation), or no preparation, depending on the indication. Direct veneer treatment can be done in one visit, but indirect veneers are usually done in several visits.

-Dental Crown

This dental treatment is intended for conditions where the crown of the tooth has suffered severe damage, for example due to caries or fracture. There are several types of dental crowns that you can choose from, you can discuss them with your dentist and adjust to the condition of your teeth.


Dentures need to be made if one or more teeth have been extracted. Loss of teeth if left for too long will cause several problems later, such as, the teeth around the toothless area shift and become tilted, extrusion antagonist teeth, changes in masticatory patterns which ultimately have a negative impact on the jaw joint, and reduced self-confidence due to toothless conditions.

-Dental Implant

Dental Implants can be a solution for some cases of missing one or more teeth, even in patients who have no teeth. Dental implant itself is a procedure to replace the function of the root of the tooth, so that the strength, durability, and function are like natural teeth.

-Orthodontic Treatment

Unlike the dental treatments mentioned above, orthodontic treatment is not an instant treatment, but it can take several months to years to achieve the ideal dental arch and neat arrangement of teeth. Orthodontic treatment will give good results if you routinely carry out the control according to the control schedule.

-Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment in question is treatment of the supporting tissues of the teeth to improve your appearance, for example, gingivectomy or removal of part of the gum that covers part of the crown of the tooth. There are also periodontal surgical procedures to treat gummy smile problems to make your smile more attractive.

Of course, there are several other dental treatments that you can do to have better teeth and a smile. Perform routine dental care at least every 6 months to ensure the health of your teeth and mouth. Realize your dream of having clean and healthy teeth, and a more charming smile in the new year with the best dental care for families at BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is ready to serve you with the best professional dentists in their fields. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is a trusted dental clinic near Kuta and not far from the airport. Don't let dental problems ruin your holiday in Bali, if you are enjoying the beautiful views of Ubud and unexpectedly need a dentist, the distance from Ubud to BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is approximately 35 km. Entrust your dental care to the dentist at the best dental clinic in Bali of your choice. Happy new year 2022, may 2022 be a better year for all of us.

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