Upgrade Your Smile Without Crooked Teeth

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Upgrade Your Smile Without Crooked Teeth

A beautiful smile is a smile with a neat, clean, and healthy arrangement of teeth. But in some places a person is considered more attractive if he has certain characteristics, one of which is crooked teeth. In some countries, especially in Asia, crooked teeth are said to have added value because they are considered to make a person's smile more attractive, look sweeter, and more characterized. In Indonesia, people who have crooked teeth are considered to have an attractive smile because they look different. Meanwhile in Japan, crooked teeth have even become a separate trend among teenage girls because they are considered to make someone look more attractive and attract the guys. In fact, this trend has made several dental clinics in Japan offer special treatment packages that can create Vampire Teeth or in Japanese called Yaeba.

A crooked tooth is actually a dental malposition, in which the canines grow outside the dental arch. In dental terms this condition is called ectopic. The growth of canines outside the normal dental arch usually occurs due to milk teeth that do not fall out in time, so that the permanent canines do not get space to erupt and eventually erupt outside the dental arch. This condition can actually have an unfavorable impact later, where the position of this ectopic tooth will pile up on the teeth underneath and increase the potential for food debris to slip in the area, eventually causing dental caries. In addition there are several other problems that can arise from this condition:

Disruption of the process of chewing food

Teeth not working properly

Gums and other soft tissues are bitten more often

Impaired pronunciation of some letters

More difficult to clean thereby increasing the risk of cavities

Lower self-confidence (for some people)

Because of these problems, it is better if the condition of the crooked or malpositioned teeth and dental malocclusion should be treated immediately by the dentist.

Over time, a shift in the stigma regarding crooked teeth in society has occurred. Nowadays people tend to prefer a neat arrangement of teeth, thus maximizing their appearance. People's knowledge of dentistry is getting better, information via the internet or explanations during direct consultations with dentists makes many people know more about dental and oral health, including the condition of crooked teeth which is actually a dental malposition. In the end, the assumption that crooked teeth make a person's smile more attractive has shifted, people tend to like a smile with neat and healthy teeth.

So it can be said that crooked teeth instead of making a person's smile more attractive, can actually be a source of problems in the future because it can increase the risk of caries and dental and oral problems. The solution to overcome this crooked tooth condition is orthodontic treatment with or without extraction. To shift the position of the canines to the ideal dental arch, one of them is to prepare enough space for the teeth to be shifted. Unfortunately, in most cases, there is not enough space available to shift the canines, so premolars need to be extracted so that the teeth can achieve the ideal dental arch. When a person's teeth have reached the ideal dental arch, the arrangement of teeth will be neat and the smile becomes more attractive with healthy teeth.

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