No Quarantine and PCR/Antigen, Come, Enjoy Dental Tourism in Bali!

Article | 2022-03-11 03:33:33

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No Quarantine and PCR/Antigen,

Come, Enjoy Dental Tourism in Bali!

For more than two years, the world has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the world economy to decline. The tourism sector is the sector most negatively affected by this pandemic. Tourism businesses are also badly affected. In Bali itself, many people had to lose their jobs during the pandemic, many hotels and restaurants were closed, and many small businesses around tourism objects were forced to close due to the lack of tourist visits during the pandemic. What about the health sector? The health sector in Bali, as the main tourism destination in Indonesia, has not been spared the impact of the pandemic. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic that entered Indonesia in 2020, dentists were advised not to provide dental care, except for  dental emergencies cases. In this article, we will discuss about dental tourism in Bali in the midst of the current pandemic.

Before talking further about dental tourism, it helps us to know the general understanding of medical tourism. According to Wikipedia, medical tourism refers to people traveling abroad for medical treatment. In the past, this usually referred to those who traveled from less developed countries to major health centers in developed countries for care not available at home. Dental tourism is one of the points in medical tourism that is in great demand by tourists. Dental tourism is a rapidly growing field of medical tourism. This, in essence, revolves around people traveling overseas for lower-cost dental care, often combining it with a tourist experience at their destination. With the world becoming more connected and markets more competitive, dental tourism is growing 15% annually in Europe. If you are among those who choose to spend their vacation getting the dental care they need overseas, here are a few things you should know. With the rising cost of dental care, a large number of people across Europe and the United States have difficulty paying for proper dental care, especially when it comes to more complex procedures. This is the main reason people turn to spending their vacations in destinations that offer the same quality of dental services at a lower price. There are a variety of reasons why prices are lower in some countries than others, but in most of the popular dentistry destinations it's because of lower labor and real estate costs. Dentists in these countries can afford to pay for themselves lower prices than their counterparts in major European centers and the United States, while providing the same quality of dental care. Of course, this is not always the case.

There are many benefits of dental tourism, the first being the opportunity to perform several complex dental procedures at a much lower price than in your own country. Another advantage of the pricing system is its transparency - many clinics will provide you with an up-front cost estimate. Dental clinics involved in dental tourism can often be more caring and considerate towards foreign customers and provide a high quality service, using the best materials, because they want you to be satisfied and refer them to your friends back home. Also, there's no need to wait - clinics will adapt their schedule to your plans, so you can make the most of the time spent in their country. And, of course, we must not forget about unforgettable travel experiences, getting in touch with local culture, visiting attractions and restaurants, and other exciting activities that your destination has to offer.

Bali has long been ogled by foreign tourists who want to do dental and oral care. Apart from being well known globally as a tourist destination that offers natural beauty and unforgettable experiences, dental treatment in Bali is also relatively cheap when compared to the United States or Europe. This is the reason many foreign tourists choose Bali as a dental tourism destination. In Indonesia itself, the implementation of strict health protocols is also carried out in all health care facilities, including dental clinics. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center always implements strict health protocols and ensures the safety of its staff and patients. All BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center staff have been vaccinated for the third time, always carry out routine rapid antigens, always use good personal protective equipment, all patients and visitors to BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center are required to change their footwear with special footwear when entering BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center, and other health protocols.

The government has officially announced that Indonesia is freeing the quarantine requirements and PCR or rapid antigen (if you have been vaccinated at least 2 times) to all tourists visiting Indonesia. Of course, this is a good opportunity for you to get the best dental treatment at BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is a trusted dental clinic near Kuta and not far from the airport. Don't let dental problems ruin your holiday in Bali, if you are enjoying the beautiful views of Ubud and unexpectedly need a dentist, the distance from Ubud to BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is approximately 35 km. Entrust your dental care to the dentist at the best dental clinic in Bali of your choice.

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