Upgrade Your Teeth with Veneer, Crown and Crown-Bridge

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Upgrade Your Teeth

with Veneer, Crown and Crown-Bridge

The appearance of clean, healthy, complete, and neat teeth is a factor that supports a person's confidence in his daily life. In addition, completeness of the intact tooth structure without missing teeth is also important for the masticatory function and comfort of a person. There are several dental treatments that you can choose to address your dental problems, both in terms of aesthetics and function. The choice of treatment will be adjusted to the condition of your teeth and of course according to the indications. Some of the dental treatments that you can choose according to your needs include; veneers and crowns. To know the difference, in this article, we will discuss about these dental treatments, including the length of time they are done.

Veneer is a dental treatment that aims to improve the appearance of the front teeth by attaching a layer of veneer directly (directly) or indirectly (indirectly) which undergoes certain conditions that damage the appearance of the teeth from color, shape, and size, such as intrinsic discoloration, peg shape, fracture of incisal teeth, and so on. Veneers can be done directly or indirectly, direct veneers can be completed in one visit by using tooth-colored restoration material in the form of composite resin, the price is quite affordable and the processing time is short, so many people are quite interested in this treatment. The disadvantage of direct veneers is that discoloration can occur in the next few years due to an increase in the surface roughness of the composite due to brushing or similar activities. Indirect veneer is done in several visits using porcelain material.

Dental Crown is a dental treatment that aims to repair teeth that have suffered severe damage, for example due to large caries, after root canal treatment with large cavities, or fractures of the crown of teeth that are large enough, by making a dental sheath or also called an artificial crown to restores the function, shape and appearance of teeth, and protects teeth from further decay. While a dental crown-bridge is a fixed denture whose denture is connected to the dental crowns of the adjacent abutment teeth, it is called a bridge because of its structure which is connected to the teeth next to this edentulous area. Some of the most common materials used for this treatment are metal, ceramic, porcelain, or metal fused porcelain.

The indirect veneer, crown, and or crown-bridge procedure begins with the first visit in the form of a consultation with the dentist, performing several supporting examinations such as x-rays (if needed), taking photos of the patient's teeth, and determining a treatment plan. Then followed by a second visit, the dentist will show a diagnostic wax-up and a smile design as an illustration when the veneer is installed on the patient's tooth, if the patient agrees then the procedure will continue with preparation, namely reducing a portion of the tooth surface for retention of the veneer to be installed, or reduce the shape of the teeth for dental crown treatment. In the preparation process for dental crown treatment, the patient will be given anesthesia so that during the process the patient feels comfortable. After the preparation is complete, the dentist will place a temporary veneer/crown (provisoris veneer) on the patient and the patient can return for a third visit for veneers after 3-4 days for veneers in the dental laboratory or 7 days if the teeth treated are more than 6 days old. tooth. The fourth visit was carried out one week after the third visit, the fourth visit was a control of the veneer/crown/crown-bridge treatment that had been done.

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