Fixing Children's Teeth with Early Childhood Teeth Trainer

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Fixing Children's Teeth with

Early Childhood Teeth Trainer

Preparing the child's permanent teeth to achieve the ideal arch so that the teeth are in a good position is very important. Age 6 years is the age at which a child's first permanent tooth erupts and partially replaces the baby teeth. This period is called the mixed dentition period and is a good time to introduce children to orthodontic appliances. An example of an orthodontic appliance intended for the mixed dentition period is the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer or Teeth Trainer. Teeth trainers are actually intended to help direct temporarily erupting permanent teeth to erupt in the correct position in the jaw arch.

This Teeth Trainer can flatten the arrangement of teeth and jaws with light pressure by improving the position of the tongue, improving swallowing habits, preventing mouth breathing, and improving facial development. There are two types of teeth trainers based on their function. The first is a soft blue teeth trainer, this type of teeth trainer is intended to help eliminate muscle function problems (myofunctional). While the pink, harder teeth trainer is the one used in the second stage of treatment. The function of the teeth trainer in the second stage is to improve the alignment of the teeth.

The use of blue and pink teeth trainers for each stage is different, namely, soft (blue) teeth trainers are used for at least 1 hour a day, and used overnight while sleeping for 6 months. The duration of using the hard (pink) teeth trainer in the second stage of the teeth trainer treatment is a minimum of 1 hour a day, plus overnight use while sleeping for 6 - 12 months. At the beginning of the treatment (after the initial consultation) the dentist will show the patient how to use the teeth trainer. When placing the teeth trainer in the mouth, the patient will be instructed to lift the tongue up, then the mouth is closed tightly, and the patient is asked to breathe normally through the nose. Trainers should not be bitten or chewed, for that parental supervision is very important so that treatment can run well. The use of a teeth trainer at night is very important because it is the longest duration of use in a day, parents are expected to help their children get used to wearing a teeth trainer, especially at night. Correct use in accordance with the recommendations of the treating dentist will make this treatment achieve the desired results. In addition, parental supervision and the habit of using a teeth trainer at home will support the success of this treatment.

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