Root Canal Treatment, Treat Now Before It's Too Late

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Root Canal Treatment,

Treat Now Before It's Too Late

Consciously or not, most people always delay taking care of their teeth even though they are aware of cavities in their teeth. In fact, if left alone, dental cavities can get bigger, deepen, and become more severe to the point of interfering with daily activities. The pain that occurs when cavities can be caused by exposed tooth pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. If the tooth cavity has reached the pulp layer, it is certain that a person will feel extreme pain and possibly develop a bacterial infection that is very painful for the sufferer. If this has happened, one of the dental treatments that you can choose is root canal treatment. What is root canal treatment? How long does it take? Is there any follow-up after this treatment? In this article, we will discuss root canal treatment to 'save' your tooth from extraction or more serious disease.

Many people in Indonesia still mistakenly think that root canal treatment is a nerve treatment, in fact root canal treatment is a procedure that aims to treat damage to the dental pulp, as well as treat infections and decay in the area. When the dental pulp and its nerve tissue are damaged, the damage can be used by bacteria to multiply and cause infection. This infection will continue and will cause an abscess which can cause swelling of the gums, cheeks, neck, discharge of pus in the area of ​​infection or around the area of ​​infection, disruption of the supporting bone around the infected tooth, and of course, very annoying pain. So, actually root canal treatment is not nerve treatment of the dental pulp, in practice, root canal treatment is done by removing the tissue in the pulp cavity and along the root canal, then cleaning it so that it is free from bacteria that cause infection in the tooth. After that, the root canals of the teeth will be prepared to be filled with root canal filling material, then covered with dental cement, and followed by fillings or making dental crowns if necessary.

Root canal treatment is done in 1 to 4 visits to the dentist, this depends on the severity of the case on the tooth to be treated. Root canal treatment itself is usually accompanied by fillings and or making dental crowns. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the difficulty level of the tooth being treated, usually for root canal treatment and dental fillings the duration is 3 to 7 days. Meanwhile, root canal treatment and dental crown making are 3 to 10 days in duration. After the treatment is completed, the patient may complain of pain in the treated tooth, this is normal, the dentist will usually advise you to take pain medication (analgesic). After the treatment is complete, the patient is advised to use the treated tooth to chew slowly, and 3 months after that, the patient is advised to have routine check-ups by bringing X-rays to see the condition of the root canals. 3 - 6 months after root canal treatment and dental fillings or dental crowns, patients are advised to have regular check-ups to see the clinical condition of the treated teeth.

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