Dental Microscope for Dental Care, Is it Important?

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Dental Microscope for Dental Care,

Is it Important?

The development of science and technology is so rapid in this digital era, and dentistry is no exception. The technology in this field is getting better and better every year to produce the best dental care for many people. One of them is Dental Microscope. Yes, you read correctly; Dental Microscope. One of the tools that is now increasingly being used by leading dentists in many countries, including Indonesia. The question is, how important is the use of this dental microscope in dentistry? In this article, we will explain the benefits of using a dental microscope in dental care by dentists.

The dental microscope is an important instrument used in dental care and surgical procedures, which enables the screening, treatment, and maintenance of dental structures and oral tissues to be optimized, as well as minimally invasive procedures. Dental microscopes are also known as dental operating microscopes or dental operating microscopes (DOM). In a scientific article written by Bud et al, it is explained that dentists have started considering using magnification since the 1970s. Currently, the use of dental microscopes to support dental care in dental clinics has begun to increase because it provides many advantages and of course the results of dental care are more optimal and better than not using a dental microscope.

The use of a dental microscope in the dental clinic for some of the most common dental treatments, among others, root canal treatment (endodontic) and dental fillings (tooth restoration). The use of microscopes in dentistry has begun to be in great demand by dentists because it has several advantages, including optimal magnification, illumination, and documentation. Currently, most dental microscopes are equipped with additional devices such as cameras that can be used as documentation during dental treatment procedures, both in the form of photos and videos. This documentation will increase the patient's understanding of the dental care carried out, so that the benefits of using a dental microscope will be felt to be more optimal. In addition, the benefits that can be felt directly by the dentist is the dentist's ergonomic working position. The main complaint of most dentists is musculoskeletal pain, for example low back pain. Most dentists who use a microscope recognize a drastic reduction in eye fatigue, psychological and musculoskeletal pain (MSD). This is due to the growing image of the operating field, increased lighting intensity, ergonomic position during work, and the certainty of controlling procedures carried out. All of this is very beneficial for the dentist's quality of life.

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