Crooked Teeth, What to Do?

Article | 2022-08-28 12:21:57

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Crooked Teeth, What to Do?

Some people think that people who have crooked teeth will look more attractive because their smile looks cute. Even in some countries in Asia, such as Indonesia and Japan, girls who have crooked teeth will look more beautiful. In Japan itself, crooked teeth or some people called it as vampire teeth were a trend among teenagers, this trend is called Yaeba. Yaeba is loved by Japanese young girls because it is considered to highlight sexual attractiveness. In Indonesia, crooked teeth are considered good because they make the owner look cute when they smile.

However, did you know that crooked teeth are actually dental malposition? Dental malposition is a condition in which the position of the teeth does not align with the arch of the jaw (maxilla or mandible). In dentistry terms, the condition is called ectopic where the teeth are outside the arch of the jaw. This condition usually occurs in permanent canines that grow more protruding beyond the arch of the jaw. Quoted from the National Institutes of Health, the condition of the teeth can occur due to genetic or hereditary factors and is the most influential factor. In addition, there is not enough space for permanent canines to erupt due to late extraction of the baby teeth or other disturbances in the mixed dentition phase.

Although crooked teeth are considered to make a smile more attractive, it is a malposition that causes malocclusion and can cause several problems. Problems that can arise from malocclusion include:

  • Disruption of the chewing process

  • Teeth not functioning properly

  • Gums and other soft tissues are bitten more often

  • The pronunciation of some letters is disturbed

  • It is more difficult to clean, which increases the risk of cavities

  • Lowered self-confidence (for some people)

Because of these problems, it is better if the condition of the teeth is bent or malposition and the malocclusion of the teeth is immediately handled by the dentist.

Teeth teeth can be fixed with orthodontic treatment or braces by an orthodontic specialist (orthodontist). This orthodontic treatment can be accompanied by with or without extraction, depending on the condition of the patient's teeth. The orthodontist will analyze the arch of the jaw and plan treatments for the best results so that the appearance of a smile and a better facial profile for the patient. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center always provides the best service, supported by sophisticated dental equipment and dentists who are trusted professionals in their fields, including Orthodontists. Immediately consult your dental problem to the best dental clinic and dentist of your choice.

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