Root Canal Treatment, Does It Hurt?

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Canal Treatment, Does It Hurt?


What is root
canal treatment?


Root canal or endodontic treatment is a treatment that aims
to repair teeth that are badly damaged or infected. This treatment can solve
dental problems instead of removing them, so that your natural teeth can be used
for comfortable chewing.


What conditions
require root canal treatment?


Root canal is the term used to describe the cavity in the
middle of the tooth, whereas the pulp is the soft part of the tooth that
contains blood vessels and nerves.


Generally, root canal treatment is performed to treat pain
caused by inflammation or infection of the pulp. This can occur due to cavities
or injury to the teeth accompanied by a dirty mouth condition.


The pain in the teeth can continue, even when it is idle. Besides,
pain can also occur at any time, could be in the middle of the night, and is
generally followed by a headache.


If you experience these symptoms, most likely  a root canal need to be done.




How does this


This type of treatment is carried out in several stages and
several visits to the dentist with the following stages:




To be able to see how the root condition of a person's
teeth and how severe the infection has occurred, the dentist will perform or
provide a dental referral


Installing the
rubber dam


To ensure that the area of ​​action remains dry from
saliva, the dentist will place a rubber dam around the teeth. This rubber dam
is resistant to liquids.


Root canal
treatment measures


Then, the doctor will drill a hole in the tooth to get a
way into the root canal. Everything from the damaged nerve tissue to the
brittle tooth structure will be cleaned.


This process must be done thoroughly to ensure that all
parts of the root of the tooth that are damaged are completely lifted. Periodically,
disinfectant will also be sprayed to remove bacteria in the tooth cavity.




After cleaning, the doctor will close the tooth cavity.
Usually, this action is only done a week later. If there is an interval, the
doctor will provide temporary fillings to protect the cavities from food or
other dirt contamination.


If there are symptoms of infection, the dentist will also
treat it first by prescribing antibiotics. When the filling process arrives,
the doctor will fill the tooth root with a filling material.


Dental crown


The final stage of the root treatment procedure is tooth
filling. Usually for teeth that have large holes. For that, the doctor makes
perfect the damaged tooth with fillings or artificial dental crowns.


Is this
treatment painful?


This procedure uses local anesthesia so you will feel
comfortable. So,  no need  to worry about doing root canal treatment.
Sometimes the teeth that require a root canal 
are dead or non-vital so that the nerves in the teeth can no longer make
any pain.


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