Dental Disease and Reduced Quality of Life

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DentalDisease and Reduced Quality of Life

Some people underestimate oral health because they tend tothink that dental disease does not interfere with daily work and the mouth isnot part of the body as a whole.


Teeth and mouth have an important role in verbal and nonverbal communication, so dental and mouth disease will damage self-image andchange the ability to maintain and build social relationships andself-satisfaction.


Poor oral health can affect appetite and eating abilityresulting in malnutrition. Inadequate food or nutritional intake can occur dueto reduced or loss of chewing function. For example, in the condition ofcavities, tooth supporting tissue disease, tooth pain, tooth loss, dry mouth,the use of uncomfortable dentures, sore lips.


Poor oral health causes pain, discomfort that can affectchildren's learning and development, and concentration on work.


Disease in the oral cavity cannot be underestimated becauseit affects the entire body. Tooth disease if left unchecked can contribute toother more dangerous diseases that affect quality of life and shorten lifeexpectancy.


The following are the effects of gum disease / toothsupporting tissue:


1.    Increasethe risk of heart attack by 25%

2.    Increasethe risk of stroke.

3.    Increasethe severity of diabetes.

4.    Contributeto premature infant and low birth weight babies.

5.    Contributingto respiratory diseases.

6.    Interfereswith digestion.

7.    Rolein causing osteoporosis

8.    Stress.

9.    Reducingthe body's resistance to infectious diseases.

10.  Reducing life expectancy.


The most serious damage is caused by advanced gum diseaseand periodontal disease (periodontitis). Periodontitis causes loss ofattachment and loss of bone supporting the teeth. It should be understood thatperiodontal disease does not only involve the soft tissues of the mouth. Ifleft unchecked, gum disease will damage the structure of the jawbone, so thatdangerous bacteria will increasingly multiply. These bacteria will be carriedto the circulatory system so that both bacteria and toxins can spread to otherparts of the body including the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.


In principle, if the general condition is weak, usuallyharmless oral bacteria can become detrimental and begin to affect other partsof the body. In other words, the oral cavity is a gathering place for bacteriaand provides a significant contribution in causing the spread of bacterial infectionsthroughout the body.


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