Watch Out for Loose Teeth That You Do not Notice

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WatchOut for Loose Teeth That You Do not Notice


Loose teeth are a problem that often occurs in teeth causedby disease or injury to the gums or bones that support the teeth. Toothluxation can occur due to a decrease in the height of the supporting bone ofthe tooth or the widening of the tooth root attachment. Loss of attachment andincreased bone breakdown and increased tooth wiggling can be exacerbated byexcessive biting loads. The factor most often involved in the occurrence ofloose teeth is the buildup of plaque that has accumulated. Loose teeth arediseases of the tooth supporting tissue caused by damage to the supportingbones of the teeth, excessive biting load, and the spread of inflammation fromthe gums to the deeper supporting tissues of the teeth.


Tooth luxation has a degree of severity, namely:


·       GradeI when the gear is swung up to 1 mm in a horizontal direction.

·       GradeII when shaking is between 1-2 mm in horizontal direction.

·       GradeIII when the tooth sways more than 2 mm and may be accompanied by vertical displacement.


A loose tooth is a sign of tooth-supporting tissue disease.This disease is caused by the interaction of dental plaque bacteria.Periodontal disease is simply divided into inflammation of the gums andinflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth. Gingivitis only occurs in thegum tissue. Whereas in the inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue, thesechanges extend to deeper tissue in the bone supporting the teeth. Toothsupporting tissue disease can be a common cause of tooth loss in the elderlyand a potential source of oral infections.


The most important factor affecting the severity of damageto the tooth supporting tissue is poor oral hygiene. Oral hygiene depends onthe amount of dirt and tartar in the mouth. Debris is leftover food in themouth that cannot be removed by simply gargling. Plaque if left for longer willdevelop into tartar (calculus), this is due to the calcium phosphate stored init.


Therefore, to prevent loose teeth, do regular tartarcleaning to the dentist every 6 months.Always consult your dental and oralhealth problems with the best dentists and dental clinics in Bali.


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