Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implant

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Frequently Asked Questions AboutDental Implant


Dental implants are oneof the most popular solutions in the community to overcome the condition ofmissing teeth other than dentures. This is because dental implants aredifferent when compared to removable dentures or fixed dentures, for examplebridge crowns. Dental implants have many advantages over dentures in terms ofovercoming the problem of missing teeth. In fact, dental implants are not onlya solution for the condition of missing one or two teeth, dental implants canalso be used as a support for complete dentures. There are some of the mostcommon questions people ask about dental implants. Previously, this topic hadbeen discussed in the BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center article, butbecause there were still many similar questions being asked, this topic waschosen to be discussed again. Let's discuss these questions one by one.


1.     Whatare the Advantages of Dental Implants?


Compared to removable orfixed dentures, dental implants are superior in terms of strength anddurability because the edentulous area will implant the artificial tooth rootin the form of a screw into the alveolar bone in the upper or lower jaw, thenan artificial tooth crown will be placed that resembles a tooth. original. Thedurability of dental implants can be said to be permanent because they areembedded in the alveolar bone tissue of the jaw, so they do not need to bereplaced every few years like removable dentures or fixed dentures.


2.     Isthe procedure for placing a dental implant painful?


Of course not. Minor surgicalprocedures in order to install dental implants are always accompanied by theadministration of local anesthesia in the operation area, so that the patientwill not feel pain during this procedure.


3.     Whatis done before a dental implant procedure?


Some of the things thatmust be done include; consultation and examination which will usually beaccompanied by supporting examinations in the form of X-rays to determine thecondition of the supporting tissues of the teeth, for example: the alveolarbone. In addition, the height and thickness of the alveolar bone is one of thekeys to the success of a dental implant treatment. If there are still remnantsof the roots of the teeth left, then the remaining roots must be extractedfirst. The condition of the teeth and mouth must be ensured to be clean andfree from infection before the dental implant procedure is carried out. Earlyexamination is also very important to find out some systemic conditions thatthe patient may have that could potentially hinder this procedure.


4.     AreDental Implants Only For One Tooth Loss?

Of course not, there areseveral types of dental implants according to patient needs, including:

·       SingleTooth Dental Implant: A dental implant that is placed to replace a missingtooth


·       DentalImplant supported Bridge Dentures: Dental Implant in cases of missing severalteeth which is installed as anchors on the bridge denture unit.


·       DentalImplants For Complete Dentures: Dental Implants that are installed to supportthe stability of the complete denture.




5.     AreDental Implants Expensive?


It depends from whichpoint of view you see it. Technological developments in dentistry have mademany dental treatments achievable at a more affordable price than a few yearsago, including dental implants. In terms of price, dental implants areconsidered the most expensive compared to removable dentures or bridgedentures, but again you have to consider the various things that make dentalimplants the best solution for the edentulous problems, especially theirpermanent resistance. When compared to other dentures, both in terms ofcomfort, durability, strength, appearance and so on, the price of dentalimplant treatment in Indonesia is quite reasonable and still affordable.


6.     CanAll Dentists Perform Dental Implants?


The answer: No. Dentalimplant procedures can only be performed by oral surgeons, periodontists,prosthodontists, and dentists who are certified to perform dental implants(Dental Implant Certified).



Consultation and severalsupporting examinations are very important to do to determine the series ofprocedures that will be carried out for dental implant treatment. Make sure toconsult a dental implant with a trusted dentist in his field, including an oralsurgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist, or a recognized dental implant certifieddentist. BIA (Bali Implant Aesthetic) Dental Center is a trusted dental clinicnear Kuta and not far from the airport. Don't let dental problems ruin yourholiday in Bali, if you are enjoying the beautiful views of Ubud andunexpectedly need a dentist, the distance from Ubud to BIA (Bali ImplantAesthetic) Dental Center is approximately 35 km. Entrust your dental care tothe dentist at the best dental clinic in Bali of your choice.



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