Good Oral Hygiene Habits Start at an Early Age in the Home

Article | 2020-02-15 18:59:09

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To build the habit of maintaining children's oral hygiene the role of parents is very important. This habit will also continue when he grows up. And will grow to an insight that dental care is not scary because teeth are treated every day.

Dear Parents, the following are habits that can be taught at home related to maintaining the dental health of your children:

  • prevent bad habits of children that can interfere with tooth growth such as biting hard objects, sucking the thumb and one side chewing.

  • For babies, clean their teeth using sterile gauze that is wrapped around   fingers and dipped in warm water

  • First primary teeth generally appear after 6 months or may be faster.

  • In the older child, use a toothbrush for children and toothpaste for children that is safe if swallowed

  • Although the toothpaste is safe if swallowed, keep an eye on the child not to eat or lick it directly from the tube.

  • Guide your children to brush their teeth at the right time. The best time is in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed

  • The recommended duration for brushing teeth is 2 minutes. Not too rushed and not too long. There is enough time to reach all surfaces of teeth.

  • Replace the toothbrush after 3 months or if the bristles have been damaged so as not to hurt the gums and cleaning between the teeth remains effective.

  • Watch your child's diet. Consume more vegetables and fruits with high containing fiber and water. After eating or sugary drinks, they should immediately rinse or drink water.

  • Teach children to use dental floss to improve cleaning between teeth that is not reached by toothbrush bristles.

Those are the points that can be accustomed to the child so that the child's teeth stay healthy. Children have the same dental health rights as adults. Although a child's teeth can change does not mean making an excuse to let the child's caries tooth resolve itself. By getting used early, the child's growth and psychosocial future of the child will be bright.


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